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In its 2019-2038 Global Market Forecast, Airbus is predicting that a total of 39,213 new aircraft will be delivered in the period, taking the total fleet to 47,680 aircraft. However, the maintenance environment is changing. New generation aircraft require fewer hangar visits, engines require fewer shop visits and other systems are increasingly reliable. More recently, predictive maintenance is opening up opportunities to avoid systems actually failing, being removed for servicing when their performance is seen to drop outside normal parameters.

This might suggest that fewer engineers and technicians will be needed (Airbus says 489,000 technicians will be required in the forecast period) but the average age is increasing and there is a worldwide shortage of new entrants. The industry needs to reach out collectively to young people to make an engineering career attractive.

Another major challenge is the MRO industry’s response to the renewed emphasis on environmental concerns. Aircraft need to be kept at the highest possible levels of operational efficiency to reduce emissions but they also need to be safely dismantled and recycled at the end of their life.

MRO Management is deeply involved in the industry and an increased frequency of six issues a year will enable it to offer even more worldwide coverage of these issues and more.

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