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Low Cost & Regional Airline Business



Low Cost & Regional Airline Business covers two of the fastest growing sectors in the airline industry. Demand for low cost airlines is being driven by new middle class passengers with money to spend in developing countries. The industry is also expanding into long haul operations, taking on full service carriers on international services. Some of this is being helped by long range, narrow body aircraft such as the Airbus A321XLR.

Developing economies are also increasing demand for regional airline services as businesses need to connect, while some governments are initiating major infrastructure projects that include new airports. The insatiable demand for e-commerce will also see smaller aircraft being used into smaller airports to spread the delivery network.

While the densely packed aircraft of low cost airlines have reduced CO2 emissions per passenger and regional aircraft have inherently lower emissions anyway, there are still environmental challenges to be faced. Of course, these sectors also must tackle all the other challenges that affect aviation.

These are an integral part of our extensive worldwide coverage in Low Cost & Regional Airline Business, and we will continue to deliver in depth features and expert opinions across the field.

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