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Airline Cargo Management



The air freight industry plays a critical role in facilitating global trade and commerce. The transportation of goods by air is still considered the fastest and most efficient way to shift international cargo. According to industry data, global cargo traffic is expected to see two per cent growth in 2020, with volumes forecast to reach 62.4 million tonnes.

The market is driven by the rapidly growing aviation infrastructure. In addition, the increasing conversion of passenger aircraft into freighters is anticipated to further boost the growth of the air freight services market. Cargo airlines are increasingly forging partnerships with logistics service providers to create an efficient supply chain with regards freight forwarding, storage capability and customs clearances.

The air cargo industry is in the process of dynamic change as new technologies and digitisation take hold. For instance, container and pallet management solution providers are blazing a trail in the implementation of next-generation tracking. Digital booking platforms are bringing change to the market and new temperature-controlled innovations are responding to the demands of the pharma supply chain.

Airline Cargo Management provides thorough analysis of the key market trends, in addition to opinions from high-profile movers and shakers in global air freight and logistics.

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